Yay - friends get ArmA2!

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Yay - friends get ArmA2!

Postby Evil_Echo » Tue Dec 22, 2009 11:58 am

After a not-the-best-of-times last week, Sunday proved that life can improve.

One of my clan mates bought ArmA2 for himself and a copy for another friend as a Christmas gift to him. A couple more friends of those two bought ArmA2 the same day.

So after a little while of downloading from Steam and then using the new ACE updater we had a big chunk of DRTB finally able to play ArmA2 together.

Naturally we had not yet set up our dedi ( friend bought that also ), so I just hosted a session on my machine. 5 of us playing the new Domination mission that comes already bundled with the new ACE mod.

I've been so busy coding, testing, and documenting I'd never had time to even play that mission before this. :lol:
But it was a lot of fun, the mission author has done some very nice things to improve it over the old ArmA 1 versions.

But the best part was something any gamer here can appreciate. Having a good time with your friends. That night was a special one indeed.
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Re: Yay - friends get ArmA2!

Postby Vesuvan » Tue Dec 22, 2009 6:02 pm

I can imagine, that spending so much time coding and developing a game, you miss out on the real fun!

I have a couple friends who work for Turbine, a game developer, and they feel the same way.

Glad you were able to enjoy some time with your clan of friends!

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