ARMA 2 Eagle Wing mini campaign teaser video

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ARMA 2 Eagle Wing mini campaign teaser video

Postby Bikerpete » Thu Dec 17, 2009 4:54 pm

Patch 1.05 is coming - and it will show up with a new mini-campaign: Eagle Wing
And that will bring the Apache back to war :P

The video introduces the bonus campaign „Eagle Wing„ featuring the new AH-64 Apache attack helicopter. The „Eagle Wing mini-campaign expands upon one of the seven unique endings of the original ARMA 2 over two extensive new missions: It's the year 2012, the war in Chernarus has overgrown into a conflict between the USA and the Russian Federation. The player finds themselves caught in the middle of an escalating conflict. As a pilot of the AH-64 Apache attack helicopter, the player's task seems easy - to get behind enemy lines and attack. However the situation is about to change rapidly...


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Re: ARMA 2 Eagle Wing mini campaign teaser video

Postby Evil_Echo » Thu Dec 17, 2009 5:41 pm


ACE already scheming on how to make it even better. We have a very cool apache for ArmA 1, chatter about more toys for ArmA 2 of course.

Feel free to offer ideas - all reasonable one will be concidered.
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