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ARMA 2 Flash Game

Postby Vesuvan » Mon Jul 06, 2009 12:00 am


Apologies for the technical issues which meant the ArmA II Flash game was taken offline, this was due to excessive demand on our servers!

To avoid similar technical issues we've made the ArmA II Flash game available as a download version that can be downloaded and played from your PC, as mentioned previously each week 2 people who play the ArmA II Flash game will win a free copy of ArmA II (subject to terms and conditions*).

Once you've fully completed the ArmA II Flash game it will automatically connect you to our servers so you can submit your score to the high score table, when you submit your score it asks you to also include your name/Email address. Each week we will select two of you at random to win a free copy of the EU PC game ArmA II.

Here's the link:

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