Scud launcher add-on for ArmA

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Scud launcher add-on for ArmA

Postby Evil_Echo » Sun Jul 05, 2009 12:52 pm

I've seen the vids, read about this add-on for a while. With news of a recent update I had to bite.



I tested on the same map as my Rahmadi Airshow mission uses, targeting the far end of the smaller of two islands west of my position. Only the 15kt warhead on this test and it still nearly killed me even though I had taken cover in a shallow depression in the terrain. The 80kt version would have gotten me for sure. Shortly after the screenshot was taken the after-effects began to change the weather - the infamous "black rain" started.

The scud add-on includes a launcher, some support facilities. The targeting and launch sequence are fully controllable. Very nice look and feel to it. The author claims there can be performance hits when using certain modes and the larger warhead. On this test it ran smoothly on my machine. Unpacking and reading the scripts used I could see he did a very impressive job, but used an older scripting language that is not as multi-threading capable.

Overall I like this add-on a lot. With ArmA's large maps even weapons like this don't upset play balance too much if you deploy your forces smartly.
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