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ArmA mission editor

Postby Evil_Echo » Tue Mar 10, 2009 1:10 pm

I've been playing with this little gem for about a week now and must say it's been fun.

Once you get your head wrapped around it of course.

If there is a failing in Armed Assault, it's the relatively scant documentation that is bundled with the game. Something I'm working on improving for the CGHQ community, albeit slowly. I have found a good source to be a wiki run by the developers It's useful, but dense info and a bit hard to navigate.

Anyway, back to the editor.

The entire series of simulations has included strong support for user created content. Almost all parts of ArmA can be enhanced via tools freely available from the developers. One, the Mission Editor, is even bundled right in the main code. With it you can create your own scenarios using stock and/or supplimental items.

From the main menu you just select the Mission Editor and then which map to use. Choices include the entire island group of Sahrani, just the southern half of the main island, or the nearby islands of Rahmadi or Porto.

Once there you're given a topological map of the region and can start working. You can load, save, or even merge in scenarios already created. The editor lets you freely work between various modes - unit placement, unit grouping, waypoint placement, waypoint synchronization, and marker placement. Almost everything has hooks in it to allow for use of short snippets of scripts or calls to script files.

There is no way I can adequately describe the scripting language in a brief article like this, it's a full programming language and very powerful.

Just for giggles and to help me improve on my game I decided to create a little training range. A place where I could check out various weapons and not risk too much by being shot at in return. :lol:

So I selected the little island of Porto. Image Small, but very servicable for a target range. I set up my equipment on the hills east of the village ( left side of map ) among the scrub brush near the hilltop. It's a couple hundred meters to the edge of the village with some lower rises and brush between my position and the buildings - it takes a good minute to cover that distance on foot.

First thing was to place a player unit for myself. Choices included side, class of unit and type. I picked BLUFOR, Infantry, Sniper for now, Just double-click on the spot, chose the right things in the pop-up box and hit ok to make me a sniper. Once a player unit was available I could select more classes of stuff on additional entries - the most useful here was the Empty class - meaning empty of troops. A couple of ammo boxes near my postition, regular and special toys. :twisted:

Then some pop-up targets scattered about the edge of town. Some easy to see and others more concealed for a challenge. And a empty T-90 tank to plink at too.

So far, very nice. But if we are going to try out weapons how about something a little more interesting.

So I put a Hind chopper way over on the west end of the island - setting it to be already airborne. Also with no ammo - recall I did not want to get shot at. Then created a series of waypoints, setting them up to automatically establish the next waypoint as a destination. Bingo - install patrol pattern!

Also added a marker by my ammo dump to make it handy to locate in the scrub. Handily labelled "Beer here!" - since after sunset the crates get a bit hard to locate in the dark even with night vision.

Then set the time and date to sunset in June and I had a working target range. Save the scenario and hit preview to play-test it.

And it works nicely. I can saunter over to my crates and swap out my M-24 for all kinds of toys. Including a M-107 Barrett .50 caliber sniper rifle and FIM-92 Stinger missile for that pesky chopper.

Plinking at my targets with the M-24 is good sport. The targets are barely visable without using binoculars or the rifle scope, but make fairly easy targets for this benchrest shooter when crouched or prone once located. Using the M-107 I had to use some hold-off since the targets were closer than the 500m that a M-107 is zeroed for.

Even moving slowly the Hind proved to be a hard target to bring down with a M-24. Tracking the pilot under zoom even with the chopper moving slowly was very hard. If it had hovered in place you might have better luck. But when its moving the best chance was to go for the tail rotor instead. With a .50 cal I did manage to nail the pilot once. In all cases, once the chopper came under fire it changed course to evade me - no programming on my part needed. Most times I downed the chopper it managed to set down intact with one or two very angry crewman, who were fully armed, jumping out to shoot back. So sniping got a bit lively real quick in those situations as they first fired at me and then ran for deep cover to avoid getting killed.

I did try out the Stinger as well. One missile was enough to down the Hind, but not necessarily kill the crew - good armor.

I also found the AI was varying my patrol pattern slightly. Once in a rare while the pilot got a little too close to the town minaret. Down he went, crash and burn. Well, I did set the chopper crew skill on low end and combat status as careless.... A few minutes later the minaret collapsed due to damage from the chopper strike.

Here is a snap of me checking my targets after some sniping. Image
Yeah Biker, that's a G36 in my hands. But most of the shooting was done with the M-107.

Once you are really happy with a scenario you can even export it as a ArmA .pbo file for others to install and use. This range is pretty simple, anyone could set one up in a short time.
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Postby ElFipso » Tue Mar 10, 2009 4:59 pm

<That's pretty cool.
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Postby Vesuvan » Wed Mar 11, 2009 1:20 am

Wow, nice demo on how the editor works. This is worth posting on the website!

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Postby Evil_Echo » Wed Mar 11, 2009 1:59 am

Vesuvan wrote:Wow, nice demo on how the editor works. This is worth posting on the website!

I kind of figured you'd say that. But my brain was only up to posting on the forum at that time of day. A guide requires me to be more fully awake so the word smithing looks good. :)

In the meantime, another screen shot from my hilltop looking down range toward those targets I was shooting at.
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