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Forum Guidelines

Postby Vesuvan » Sat Jan 26, 2008 7:54 pm

Here are some basic guidelines when posting in the CGHQ community forums.

1. Content showing drugs, abuse, killing or any other related material is not wanted. Sometimes it's OK to make fun of such material, but I think we all know what "crosses the line. :wink:

2. Sexual related content is acceptable as long as it's "covered" and not showing and body parts. Just don't overdue it. :wink:

3. Please refrain from blunt racial, sexual, hateful, etc. comments towards CGHQ community members. We are a diverse group of gamers here and we want to keep a friendly atmosphere.

4. IF YOU HAVE A PROBLEM, please seek out and Mod/Admin over TS or via PM. Try to limit the amount of conflict between each other because we all know how things can get out of hand. We are all mature people here (for the most part lol) and we should be able to resolve any differences of opinions.

That's about it. We don't need to be a censored community, but we also need to maintain some level of cleanliness. If you have any comments, please share them.

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